Sunday, June 30, 2024


 Wait, what? Free?

Yes! I love sharing stories.

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Oh, FYI, the heat level turns up at the ending so please beware! This is not children's reading!

Is it part of a series?
No. Although all my paranormal romance is set in the same universe, this can be read separately.

What's it about?
Brad is a Vampire working in Legenda, the seat of power of King David, the king of the Creature of Legends. Unfortunately, Brad was caught up with a bad crowd when he was young so nobody trusts him in Legenda. That makes his job hard because he really wants to be an enforcer. One of the king's councilmen, Johan, makes him a deal. He'll guinea-pig of a Mail Order Vampire Program and get his dream job in two weeks. Easy, right?

Who is Brad?
Brad is a vampire who used to be impulsive and stupid. Now he feels he's more "gorwn-up." Unfortunately, he has nothing to offer his future bride. His only dream is to work in enforcement. 

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