Saturday, April 27, 2024

New Book Alert! Dimensional Eclipse.

 Announcing my newest book:

"Dimensional Eclipse" is a gripping tale of courage, loyalty, and the enduring power of family, where every choice holds the key to a future forged in the fires of adversity. Will Dante uncover the truth before it's too late, or will destiny's threads be severed by the hands of fate?

This book is set in the same universe as Care Package Mate, Resto Rescue, and My Vampire Heart for Your Human Soul. It happens right after the events of Moonlight Eclipse.
Upon reaching his brother's home, Dante is confronted with a harrowing sight: his niece, Anella, and childhood friend, Mariska, caught in the crosshairs of danger and are missing. Men, skilled and ruthless, are hot on their trail, leaving Dante to question the depths of his brother's involvement in their perilous plight.

This book is a Paranormal Romance story but contains no sex scenes. However, there are themes of violence and human trafficking.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Book Scoping and Evaluation 2024

 Hello, my readers!

As you all know, I'd love for our teens to read, read, read! For teachers, librarians, and homeschooling parents, if you are scoping some of my books that are fit for English High School Reading, these are my recommended books. 

Oh, yes! I have included some romances. Why? Because I believe there should be an introduction to proper romance. If you need help, comments, or inquiries, feel free to contact me via my Facebook page. I only check Instagram and TikTok messages once a week.  

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Free Book Review Sheets for Steamerella

 I have good news!

My book, Steamerella, is one of the books scoped and evaluated by the Department of Education for Supplementary Reading Material for schools. 

Because of that, I am giving away this free Book Review Page. Feel free to print this. 

If you are an English teacher, this book is great for book reviews. You can use or modify the pages below.

Sunday, November 12, 2023



In an alternate world full of gears and dreams, the Ice Queen rules her kingdom with regal grace. Her daughter, Marie Rose, a lonely tinker girl, embarks on a daring journey from the icy realm to Neo Industrial London. Guided by a mechanical locket, she uncovers her father's fate beneath the Steam Theatre's grand facade. A steampunk adventure unfolds as she navigates the Phantom's realm, and secures her father's freedom. With love prevailing, they return to the Ice Kingdom, completing a tale of family, gears, and dreams.

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Look for more books in the Free Books Tab! Yes, it is free! Download and put it in your favorite e-reader or print it for personal use.

Saturday, November 4, 2023

What is a Manananggal?

 My upcoming book with Pinoy Indie Collab stars a Manananggal named Beldine Rosario. I have twisted the Manananggal myth to suit my story but I have taken some things from the source materials.

The Manananggal is a legendary monster with deep roots in Filipino culture, with a long and varied history that has been influenced by many different traditions. The Filipino root of "Manananggal" is "tanggal," which means "to remove" or "to separate." The creature's ability to dissociate its upper and bottom halves inspired its moniker, which describes its nocturnal, villainous antics.

Indigenous beliefs and animism were common in the Philippines before colonization, and this is where the Manananggal had their start. Many different kinds of supernatural entities, some good and others bad, were represented in these early beliefs. These indigenous traditions mixed with Catholicism after the establishment of Spanish colonial control in the 16th century. Like many other animals in Filipino legend, the Manananggal evolved and gained a darker reputation throughout time. The Manananggal has a reputation for being linked with witches, shapeshifters, and practitioners of black magic.

Traditional depictions of the Manananggal have her disguised as a beautiful woman by day and a hideous, winged monster by night. Its alleged diet includes the hearts of unborn children and the blood of living humans. It does this by separating its top body, which grows wings and flies to its prey, from its bottom body, which remains on the ground.

I wasn't going in that direction. In my world, Beldine and her tribe are a race of creatures who are all-women. Male offspring come out as humans. The women live in the jungles of Asia, primarily in the Philippines. They were discriminated against because of the Spanish Era, calling them demons and mosntaers. When the age of medicine came, humans found out that their organs were promising. They were exactly like humans except more resilient to disease and overuse. This led to them being a highly sought commodity and thus the tribe hid themselves further. When they were decimated, Beldine, a survivor, chose to live among humans, hiding in plain sight. 

Read about the complication that came to her life: Moonlight Eclipse

Sources for the manananggal can be seen here: