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Books By Maita Rue

Steam Singer * Steamerella * The Shoemaker’s Daughter * The Christmas Debt
Steam Theatre Masquerade * Battle Opera Arena * Allure Steam Theatre Gals (Coloring Book)
* The Ice Tinker (Free Book)
Pirate of Rose Lagoon

In a parallel universe set during the Victorian era, "Stories for The Steam Theatre" explores the intersection of steampunk technology advancements and conventional social conventions. Within this captivating domain, the Steam Theatre reigns supreme in the sphere of entertainment, exerting enormous influence over social currency. Guardians of this cultural stronghold, the enigmatic Phantom and the influential Marquis are formidable figures that inspire both reverence and dread. Individuals who venture beyond their boundaries run the risk of being shunned by the very society they aim to amuse. When individuals are in dire straits, they might be compelled to negotiate with the Phantom, offering their very lives or appendages in exchange for favors; this demonstrates the fantastical and all-powerful influence of the theater in this steampunk universe.

Paranormal Romance:
Resto Rescue * My Vampire Heart for Your Human Soul * Care Package Mate * The Bride and Her Letters

The Paranormal Romances may not belong to a formal series but they still belong to one alternate world where Vampires, Werewolves as well as those in myths have already been accepted and integrated into modern society. Resto Rescue is the first to be written. He appears in Care Package Mate.
*The Bride and Her Letters is not part of any series. However, The Sea Nymph's Mate will be linked to this series in the future.

Contemporary Romance:
Kitchen King's Challenge

Historical Romance:
The Seeker's Inn

Young Adult:
The Prom Cat * Sea Nymph's Mate

Children's Book:
Nadia the Mermaid * Robin the Fashionable Dog * Dear Robin

For the Love of Gears * Steam Theatre Christmas * My High School Fairytale

Part of Anthology
A Time for Heists: El Sangre delo Puro
Master Story Creator's Anthology 1: Battle Opera Arena
Master Story Creator's Anthology 3: The Doll's House


Resto-Rescue $4.99

Werewolf Rafe Redmoon hosts Reality TV Show called Resto Rescue. He gets his last assignment for the season: Head to the Philippines and rescue a café cum herb shop. Sassy Café owner Daria Larios is reluctant to change. When supernatural chaos ensues, she blames the werewolf and his crew. He then becomes reluctant to continue his makeover special for the sake of a sassy-sweet woman. Can Rafe make a great season 13 ender or will Season 13 end him?
What’s in this book: a reluctant werewolf, sassy ladies, gremlins, and a lot of good sensible food.

Care Package Mate $4.99

Caleb was an odd vampire. He was tall and buff instead of slim and dressed in silk like other Vampires. Getting stuck in Manila because of COVID19 dampened his plans. When a pack of seeds came in his mailbox, he knew he had to find the sender. He didn’t expect to find a curvy girl living in a garden who possessed the other half of his soul.
What’s in this book: A Gym rat Vampire, a charming big beautiful woman, and a Werewolf pack who runs Manila’s largest casino resort.
What's in this book: A shy Vampire, a BBW leading lady, Covid and mostly pack of Werewolves running a resort.

My Vampire Heart for Your Human Soul $3.99

Alain Martin was a lifeguard, bodyguard, and male nanny. He was also a Vampire. He works for a mysterious lady who locked herself in her tower and only talked to him and her sons via e-mail. When he storms the castle to confront her, he finds the half of his soul inside her. How will he convince his boss to open up and make his soul whole?
What's in this book: A Vampire, a talented lady who makes safes as well as builds safes around her heart, a rogue Vampire, and true love.
Young Adult

The Sea Nymph’s Mate $2.99

Once a century, a Sea Nymph goes up to the surface to search for his mate. Dylan thought he had prepared himself for his search. When he find his mate, he learns that she is deaf and mute dues to an accident. They have a hard time talking to each other. Their only form of communication is the sketches he draws for her. Will he entice her to his watery world? If so, will she accept and become a Sea Nymph’s Mate.
What’s in this book: simple sweet love, handsome Sea Nymphs masquerading as waiters in a local cafe

The Prom Cat $0.99

The Senior Prom is the last prom before graduating from High School. Alicia de Leon is devastated to be the only girl in class not to have a date. Not to worry, her faithful cat, Alonzo, has a plan. He’ll make sure his mistress will have the most memorable prom ever.
What’s in this book: a prom story between a regular high school girl and her loving familiar.

Steampunk Stories

(No particular Order)

The Shoemaker's Daughter $0.99

A chance encounter with a mysterious mechanical man gives Agnes the break she needed. Her mysterious benefactor gives her mechanical attachments but in exchange, she has to make three hundred pairs of shoes. She transitions from a boardinghouse maid, a shoemaker's daughter to an esteemed shoemaker but will it be enough to meet Sir Matthew again?
Journey back to Neo Industrial London where the Steam Theatre reigns supreme.

The Christmas Debt $2.99

One Christmas Eve, he begs a mysterious man to save a dying street urchin. He saves her and tells Nathaniel that in time, he will be collecting the debt from the boy. Ten years later, Nathaniel’s fortune has turned for the worse. How will he pay his Christmas debt and how did the little urchin girl fare?

Nathaniel will soon be baptized in the steam of the theatre. Only the toughest survive this word. Will he be another of the theatre’s acquisition?

Join us for another exciting story in the Steam Theatre. Will you bargain with the mysterious Phantom of the Steam Theatre? If you do, be ready to pay our debts!

A Steam Theatre Masquerade $2.99

The Pirate of Rose Lagoon $2.99

19th Century Alternate England. It is the era of Pax Industrial or Industrial Peace. Steam-powered ships roam the skies and seas. 
Sirena Winnifred Alman has just graduated an only woman in the animal science department. Her proud father has given her a treat and paid for a vacation cruise in Rose Lagoon. Along came a pirate who could ruin her career and reputation. The dashing but old-fashioned pirate was ruining her proper sensibilities. 
Will she dare tangle with... The Pirate of Rose Lagoon?
What’s in this book: a pirate, steampunk technology, a cute little chihuahua, and a sassy veterinarian.

Steam Singer $0.99

Eileen Auburnstorm is in a bind. There was nothing in the cupboards and her home is about to be sold. Will she risk reputation and thread the boards of the theatre to feed herself and her young siblings?

What’s in this book: Steampunk Theatre, the strong will of a young girl determined to make money, Victorian sensibilities

Steamerella $4.99

Treated like Cinderella, Sandy is not only pushed into service but she is deprived of her inheritance. A chance encounter with her fairy god-automaton turns her life around and frees her heart of hate to love.
What's in this book: A steampunk twist to Cinderella, A fairy god phantom, no glass shoes but there's a glass leg, Victorian sensibilities.

Steampunk Anthologies

For the Love of Gears
E-book $4.99
Print $6.99
Journey to a world where fantasy and gears collide!
Three stories set in an alternative world, three fairytale-inspired stories with a Steampunk twist.

This collection contains:
* The Shoemaker’s Daughter
* The Doll House
* Battle Opera Arena

If you don’t follow the Steam Theatre Series, you can still enjoy the stories in this book. You can follow the characters in my series or see snippets of their lives on my various social media pages.


A Steam Theatre Christmas 
E-book $4.99
Print $6.99
Happy Holidays! Here's a treat for you: Three Steampunk stories in one book!
This book can be read as a standalone. Follow my series or my social media to get more of the characters.

This book contains:
The Christmas Debt (Christmas 1858)
A Steam Theatre Masquerade (New Year 1859)
Steam Singer (1857)


The Bride and Her Letters, $0.99

This is a story set in 1889 Virginia City. 
Diana Feng, a lady caught in two worlds, can no longer take her sour life. She signs up to be a mail-order-bride. When she arrives in Virginia City for a fresh start, she is shocked to discover that the theatre she would be residing in had burned five years prior and her intended groom had perished along with it. She meets Brandyn West, the theatre's owner's son. Can she discover some semblance of life in the burned Westborne Theatre?

The Seeker’s Inn, a HydeLegacy Story $3.99

Join Alexandra Jekyll and Alexa Hyde as they embark as innkeepers in a male dominated Victorian country-side. When Aunt Emily’s nephew comes to dispute their claim to the inn, the twins go to war but Alexandra’s twin falls for the dashing nephew. Read this complicated love triangle of inns, twins and gambling. 
What’s in this book: twins, split personalities, love triangles, abundance of wine and gambling!

Part of Anthology

The Battle Opera Arena is a roman inspired stadium where fighters go all out to fight while singing and making a show. The best fighters are often the best performers. What’s your battle song and will your opera meet tragedy? Journey to an alternate Victorian Era where fight meets presentation.

The Doll House (Talecraft Master Story Creator’s Anthology 3, Horror) $6.99

Paris is brightly lit under the Industrial Revolution of Victorian France. Beneath all the glamour or lights and entertainment is a horror where citizens look away from. A rogue dollmaker is kidnapping the poor girls and turning them into living dolls. Their limbs are replaced and they rely on the dollmaker’s wind key to move and breathe. The Marquee de Chats and his faithful valet must catch this rogue before he taints all the dollmakers.

El Sangre De Lo Puro, A Time for Heists $6.99

Emma Laroma is cultural performer with blood red wings and mesmerizing hips. Her family is from an ancient lineage, protecting arts and culture. On the onset of a smallpox outbreak in the wake of Martial Law, the cure is given to the rich and the poor is left to fend for themselves. Their family is pushed to perform a heist of blood to find their own cure. Hot on their heels is the stunning Director Inspector of the NBI, Benjamin Tejeros.

Web Novel

Demons for Christmas (Free)

This story is a Reverse Harem Romance that stars three lusty demons. It is explicit in content. It is also a reverse age story.
A little ol' granny Tammy is pining over her younger days. She gets the shock of her life when she accidentally summons three demons whom she thinks are her grandson's friends. They are staying for Christmas and she can't help but feel excited. They make her young, and lush and that awakens her lusty side.

Now that there are three boys living with her, why is she having hot and sexy dreams?

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