Sunday, January 24, 2021

New Titles! Paranormal Paramores and more!


Hello! It's been so long since I've published. Covid had put a damper on my plans, not to mention a damper on my mood. I have been writing but I have not finished most of the things that I've started. Now, I have pushed myself to finally put an ending to some of the stories so they can progress.

Here are some of the titles and most of the new releases will be Paranormal Romance. To let you know, they will all be set in the same universe but will have a different focus. Some characters will be making an appearance or two or three.

Resto Rescue will get a fresh new cover this year to fit in with the theme of the Paranormal line. Although these aren't marketed as a series but a standalone, it's a definite great read to kick-off the paranormal line. Rafe Redmoon will be making an appearance in the BBW X Supernatural Romance Series. 

My Vampire Heart for Your Human Soul is set in the same universe but also a stand-alone. It is set pre-pandemic and stars a Vampire cum nanny.

Care Package Mate is set during the pandemic. Which is around now-ish. It stars a carefree gym mogul Vampire who falls in love with a big curvaceous girl. She's generous in heart and size.
This book will come in a series. Part 2 will be released this summer. I have already written it but I want to marinate it a bit just in case I want to edit a few things. Part 3 is partially written and is scheduled for release this August 2021.

A third new title will be revealed soon!

All these titles will be released on Amazon!