Thursday, November 2, 2023

The Spirit of Adventure! D&D at Malayan Colleges Arcane Assembly

Fourth-year Multimedia students at Malayan College Mindanao hosted the Arcane Assembly, a Dungeons and Dragons event, in the campus auditorium on October 25, 2023. The event featured a variety of vendors selling handcrafted items, refreshment stands, and activities.

Before the event, there were activities, and I had the opportunity to compete in a contest called Tavern Tales, where I placed second. The reward for my efforts was a puzzle with a Dixit theme. As the event progressed, I discovered a game on one of the vendor's tables and won a set of D&D dice, which came in useful for the forthcoming adventures.

 I used my turn to heal my Paladin companion instead of casting a spell, as I did not believe in chance. Dragons of level 9 are difficult to vanquish. I needed a roll of 15 plus my attack bonus of 4 in order to strike the dragon. However, I was only a Dwarven Sorceress of level 2. Yes, I was immune to lightning and suffered the least amount of damage of anyone. Consequently, in the spirit of friendship, I healed the Paladin. He administered a devastating strike that caused 15 damage. Later, he transformed the dragon's cadaver into a makeshift bed, while I held onto the miraculous amulet. Our reward was a generous sum of one thousand gold coins, and we parted ways as adventurers.

Dungeons and Dragons is best enjoyed with friends and other players. Everyone in the adventuring party brought something special to the table and was ready to go on to the next challenge. It wasn't about race, socioeconomic status, or gender identity, but rather about upholding the game's sacrosanct code of conduct and ensuring that everyone involved enjoys themselves. While we may have forgotten the identities of our fellow adventurers on Stormbreak Isle, we will never forget the incredible experiences we shared. There, we vanquished a dragon, pillaged its hoard, and were rewarded with precious loot along the way.

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