Thursday, October 26, 2023

Unlocking Reading Skills: Create a Cozy Reading Area

 In a previous post, I wrote about creating exciting activities to get your appetites wet for the books. This is especially true for books in a series.

Before all this, some of you would be fidgeting in your seat at the thought of sitting for hours to read. This is because your area isn't conducive to reading.

Before we can expect ourselves or our child/students to enjoy reading, we must foster an environment conducive to reading. Create an inviting reading nook in the classroom or school library by incorporating comfortable seating, adequate illumination, and a variety of books on exhibit. I am already making a pinterst board to create my home library. I want a home library that is versatile but decorated to every genre I hold dear. Decorations can encourage students to investigate various genres and topics.

Teachers and parents, you can adorn shelves for your children or involve them in the process. They say children who grew up with a home library tend to be smarter. I don't mean to brag but I did graduate Cum Laude in college. And yes, I want to thank my mother for always making sure we had a couple of shelves of books. It wasn't quite a home library but she was very encouraging when it came to books.

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