Saturday, September 9, 2023

Gumalang IP Day

 On August 23, 2023, the people of Barangay Gumalang came together to commemorate the seventh annual Indigenous People's Day (IP Day). Gumalang, a barangay in the Baguio District of Davao, is a living symbol of the rich cultural diversity that makes up the Indigenous population of the area. When compared to its adjacent barangays, Gumalang stands out due to its long tradition of acceptance and tolerance. At the turn of the century, Datu Moncay Maylan Lindasan and his people—including Obo Manobo, Bagobo Klata, and Ata—called this area home. Datu Moncay Lindasan's openness to different cultures allowed the Tagabawa, Tagakaolo, Tausug, and even the Ilocanos to settle there throughout time. These many communities have created a blend of contemporary Gumalang, creating links that represent the very definition of diversity in unity.

Traditional dances and other cultural performances stunned guests as the celebrations began. The people of Gumalang see this day as more than simply a reason to party; it is also a confirmation of their membership in the "tribu," a term that describes the community's common heritage and ideals.

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