Saturday, July 1, 2023

Book Report Questions for The Seeker's Inn


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Are you a teacher or a homeschooling parent? This book is excellent for 14 years old and older. Join Alexadra Jekyll and her quest to inherit The Seeker's Inn.

  1. Character Motivations: Throughout the story, what drives Alexandra Jekyll to keep the inn and defend her inheritance? How does this motivation change or evolve as the story progresses?
  2. Moral Dilemmas: Aunt Emily, Alexandra, and the nephew all have Hyde alter egos. Discuss the ethical implications of having a dual personality. How does this internal struggle affect their decisions and actions in the story?
  3. Setting and Atmosphere: How does the historical fantasy setting of the English countryside enhance the overall atmosphere of the book? How does it contribute to the sense of mystery and adventure?
  4. Themes of Inheritance: The inn is inherited by Alexandra and her cousin. Explore the theme of inheritance in the story. What lessons about family, responsibility, and legacy can be learned from the characters' experiences?
  5. Symbolism: The inn itself is a central element of the story. What symbolic significance does the inn hold, and how does it reflect the characters' journeys and growth?
  6. Conflict Resolution: Without giving away the ending, discuss the resolution of the conflict between Alexandra and her cousin over the inn. Were you satisfied with how it was resolved? Why or why not?
  7. Identity and Self-Discovery: How does this struggle with their Hyde identities contribute to their personal growth and understanding of themselves?
  8. Supporting Characters: Explore the roles of the supporting characters in the story. How do they influence Alexandra's journey and help her overcome challenges?
  9. Genre Blending: "The Seeker's Inn" is a historical fantasy. How does the blending of historical elements with fantastical elements enhance the storytelling and make it unique?
  10. Encourage the students to provide specific examples and evidence from the book to support their answers. These questions should stimulate thoughtful discussions and insights into the various aspects of the story, making their book reports more engaging and meaningful.
  11. Lessons Learned: What lessons can readers take away from Alexandra's experiences in "The Seeker's Inn"? How do the events in the book resonate with real-life situations or emotions?

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