Saturday, March 21, 2020

What is the Reading Order of Maita's Books?

Not all Steampunk Books are Part of the Steam Theatre World. This Reading Order List and small FAQs is for the Stories from The Steam Theatre Series.

What makes it part of the series?
- The Phantom of the Steam Theatre is present or exist in it.
- The stories are Steampunk.

What are the Steam Theatres?
- The Steam Theatres are a franchise of theatres over Europe which employs talented performers. What sets them apart from other theatres in Europe is the use of technology and various sizes of automatons to run many aspects of the theatres.

What does the Marquis have to do with all this?
- The Marquis de Chats owns the Steam Theatres in all of Europe (I might expand to other continents!) and he employs the Phantom of the Steam Theatre to run his affairs.

What is the Phantom of the Steam Theatre?
- The man mechanical or the Phantom is a mysterious character who runs the theatres. He is a genius when it comes to human-automata hybridization. As the Marquis invents things, the Phantom perfects them and even fine-tunes them to the wearer. But nothing is free and so there is a cost to those he helps. (Don't be fooled, the man is compassionate!)
- He is around a hundred and fifty years old. That is because he is mostly mechanical. You can read more about his origins in The Doll House.

Reading Order:
- The Doll House
- Steam Singer
- Steamerella
- The Shoemaker's Daughter
- The Christmas Debt
- Steam Theatre Masquerade

Author's Note: Battle Opera Arena is a re-imagined future for this world but that will be confirmed for another time. Jane Clatter's story is not over. Not if she can still fight. ;-)
The Bride and Her Letters don't take place in this world either.

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