Sunday, April 1, 2018

Her Secluded Heart now in Smashwords

"You know I mean every word. You are my soulmate. Do you know what that means?”

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Alain Martin, vampire and bodyguard have discovered his soulmate is his employer. The mother of two and safe smith is strict and guarded. She has not only lived in seclusion, she had secluded her heart from love. Alexis Salvador has an unnatural fear of the outside world. She knows she is safe inside the fortress she had built. Her locks have never failed her. But Alain is determined to help her realize that there is more to life than living inside a safe. He has unlocked not just he safes in her workshop but the safe she has put her heart in. He says that she is his salvation but will he also save her secluded heart?

What's in this book: Happily ever after, a couple of sexy vampires, two adorable boys and a sassy safe smith.
Warning: Mature content. Contains fingering and oral sex. Also contains violence.

Now available on Smashwords!

Please download and rate. This story has no set price. It is "Pay what you want for it" price.

Author's note: I am building a world around this Mythican Legenda. This story is but a part of that world. Resto Rescue is also a part of the same world/universe.
More books coming soon!

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